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Vantage RiflescopeVantage Riflescope


Threaded objective and ocular lens designed to accommodate optional accessories like the Hawke exclusive metal flip up covers, sunshades and honeycomb sunshades.


Each lens layer is multi-coated throughout the optical system with microscopic layers of magnesium fluoride and other chemical layers. The coating is included on all internal lenses. This guarantees sharpness, clarity, reduced flare and high light transmission.


Controlled internal light, by means of a anti-reflective surface ensures the brightest image with no ‘whiting-out’ or stray light reaching the eye.


Hard wearing anti-scratch matte black anodising.


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machined mono-tube, outer tube and internal parts. High grade alloys used for strength and low weight.


Hard wearing 1/4 Minute Of Angle (MOA) turrets offering finer adjustment for easier precision with positive repeatable clicks. Low profile fingertip design with no tools required to zero. Turrets can be reset to ‘0’ once scope is zeroed in.


Beryllium leaf spring, which will not relax or flatten with use, holds the erector tube rail ensuring reticle remains zeroed and the point of impact remains stable at all times


All lenses are precision ground to exacting specifications before being fully multi coated. Only grade A lenses are hand selected to improve the optical characteristics.


Glass etched reticle for precision illumination. Securely locked into place within the erector tube to withstand recoil. LED shielded to minimise outer glow. Wire reticles are sourced from Europe and manufactured to withstand high recoil.


X-ACT reticles designed to work with the ballistic trajectory of many popular calibres. Reticles can be correctly set up to the calibre using the Hawke X-ACT software available free.

…Performance and value.
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    Simplicity is underrated. Sometimes there is no need for bells and whistles. When you need a solid product to do the job you can rely on Vantage scopes to deliver time after time.

    Vantage brings functionality and performance in the field without cutting corners on the things that matter.

    Selected models feature parallax adjustment. Adjustable Objective (AO) models allow you to correct parallax error by rotating the front lens assembly. Side Focus (SF) models have the parallax adjustment positioned within easy reach on the saddle.

    Available illuminated or non-illuminated, Vantage scopes feature a mono-tube chassis to provide stability and durability even with magnum recoil. A mix of X-ACT ballistic and standard reticle options mean Vantage scopes are at home in almost any environment and with virtually any rearm.

    The all new Vantage 30 Wide Angle models are an affordable and reliable selection for mid to long range hunting. The 30mm mono-tube chassis and fixed parallax at 100 yards/91 metres make this riflescope a no-nonsense addition, perfect for small bore and centrefire rifles.

    Versatile, affordable, exceptional. Vantage from Hawke is redefining value in optics.

Fully Multi-coated Lenses:

The Vantage range features 11 layer fully multi-coated lenses throughout the entire optical system for enhanced light transmission and increased contrast.

Low-profile Fingertip Turrets

Positive click low profile turrets with 1/4 MOA adjustments. Protective caps ensure your turrets are safe from the elements when you’re in the field.

Adjustable Objective

AO models allow parallax free accuracy and the focus to be adjusted from 10 yards to Infinity – perfect for close range shooting.

Illumination Rheostat

Every Vantage IR model features dual red and green illumination with 5 brightness settings, allowing reticle visibility to be maximized in dark cover and shrub.

Side Focus Parallax (SF Models)

Smooth and precise, side focus scopes adjust from 10 yards (15 yards 6-24x44) to infinity ensuring parallax free focus is always maintained.

Side Focus & Illumination (SF IR Models)

With the illumination rheostat integrated into the side focus mechanism, all controls are easy to operate and conveniently right at your fingertips.

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