Hawke X-ACT Privacy Policy Statement - 2017

We respect your privacy and will continue to do so. To ensure efficiency of the Hawke X-ACT application, the following permissions should be enabled:

  1. Access to Internet: to visit the Hawke website and to upload Pellet Database updates if required.
  2. Access to Network State: to ensure that an Internet connection is present for (1) above.
  3. Access to Camera: to measure slope angle with the device’s camera.
  4. Access to GPS: to obtain altitude at the current location for air density calculations.
  5. Access to External Storage: to read and write user-files to attached external storage (SD card).

None of this user-data can be relayed to Hawke.

This statement clarifies the permissions used and the functionality that these allow.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any queries regarding the above statement or require more information.