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    With the Hawke ChairGun Pro you can:

  • Free tool designed to compliment Hawke Reticles
  • Simultaneously compare performance setups
  • Print trajectory charts, calculations & images
  • Comprehensive Editable & up-dateable Pellet database
  • Printable, save settings .csv export .jpg
  • Thoroughly field tested
  • Intuitive, easy to use computer interface
  • Optimum Zero Range
  • Point of Impact
  • Clicks/Range
  • Wind Deflection
  • Maximum Range and Crosswind Analysis

ChairGun Pro Desktop / Laptop Version
(Windows / Mac OS X)

For those who wish to delve a little deeper into airgun or rim-fire ballistics, we present ChairGun Pro. Based on the highly successful ChairGun2 and 3, the interface has now been redesigned to make it more intuitive and easier to use. ChairGun Pro uses modern, accurate ‘modified point-mass’ ballistic functions to instantly give you the essential data that you need.

ChairGun Pro is a free tool designed to compliment the Hawke Specialized Reticles (SR6, SR12, SR Pro and Deer PASS SR), the Hawke Multiple Aim Point reticles (MAP6, MAP8 and Deer PASS MAP), the Hawke 1/2 Mil-dot Reticles (10x and 20x) as well as traditional generic Mil-Dot and 30/30 reticles.

Take the information into the field - ChairGun Pro allows you to print trajectory graphs, tables, reticle images and range finding calculations - and save settings for future reference.

And it doesn't end there . the supplied pellet database is comprehensive, editable, printable and can be updated on-line. Additional 'helper' programs are included for specialized tasks (such as PCP Bottle Filling, Range Cards, Scope Tapes or Maximum Range and Crosswind analysis). The set-up package also includes a comprehensive help-file and access to on-line help

ChairGun Pro's modern ballistics functions have been thoroughly field-tested. If your requirements are simple or complex, the graphs, tables and labels give accurate information that would take hours of tedious range-work to achieve manually. Perhaps you're wondering how a different pellet will affect the trajectory of your airgun or a change of calibre or scope or mount height.

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ChairGun Pro Mobile Version (iPhone / Android)

Hawke Sport Optics is pleased to announce that our world famous ChairGun Pro PC software is now available for use on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and now Android devices.

This all new mobile edition takes advantage of your phones special features to give you new and powerful tools. For example, our inclined shooting tool uses your phones camera and accelerometers to define accurate aim points. Just point your camera at the target and ChairGun Pro does the rest!

Blueprint your rifle or crossbow / scope combo and calculate aim points at various magnifications, inclination and weather conditions.

BRC iPhone

Desktop / Laptop System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Free Hard-disk space: 10 MB or more

RAM: 64 MB minimum

Display: resolution 600 x 800 or greater. (A colour monitor is preferred but a monochrome device is usable)

You will also need a printer on which to print the graph and/or reticles. Again, a colour printer is best but a monochrome printer will suffice.

If using Microsoft Windows please ensure you are running the latest version of Java click here to download.

Download PDF instructions: click here

Apple iOS devices

Download the Apple IOS 'Help File'

iPod, Touch, iPhone and iPad

Operating System: iOS 4.0 or later

Android devices

Download the Android 'Help File'

Pixel density: 320 x 480 to 480 x 800

Operating System: O/S 2.2 (Froyo) or later