Pellet DataBase
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Pellet Selection Applet.

Scroll through the pellet database using the scroll-bar (to the right), by use of the up/down arrow keys or by using the scroll-wheel on your mouse (if it has one). Individual pellets can be selected by either clicking the Select button or by double-clicking on the pellet record. New pellet details can be edited to the database by clicking on the Add button and the default record edited by selecting the individual fields. Records can be deleted by clicking on the Delete button.

Right-clicking on the Pellet Name, BC, Weight or WSF column headers will present an appropriate sort menu.
In every case, the options are to Do Nothing or to sort the records - always within the particular calibre - into Ascending or Descending order.





The WSF (Wind Susceptibility Factor) has been derived by Professor Mike Wright as an elegant and simple means of categorising susceptibility to wind drift. Pellets with smaller WSFs are less susceptible to drift that pellets with larger values. The WSF number itself is equal to the square root of the pellet weight (in Grains) divided by the Ballistic Coefficient.