Point and Shoot System designed 
specifically for the  North American hunter.
The multiple range finding system functions quickly, accurately and offers
the most advanced precision aiming tool for harvesting North American game.

The DeerPASS (Point and Shoot System) allows quick & easy shooting
The most advanced precision aiming tool for harvesting North American game.

The biggest obstacle in slug-gun hunting for deer is finding the right load for your gun and optics that will allow you to squeeze maximum accuracy out of that rig. I've shot many combinations and countless slugs over the years and have yet to find a scope that's more reliable than the DeerPASS from Hawke Optics. It's built-in rangefinding capabilities has turned my slug gun into an all-out tack driver.

Daniel E. Schmidt
Editor - Deer & Deer Hunting

The DeerPASS™ scope was designed by a North American hunter for the North American hunter. Special care was taken to ensure that the multiple range finding system would function quickly, accurately and give hunters from the less seasoned to the most advanced a precision aiming tool for harvesting North American game.

Once setup the DeerPASS reticle allows quick and easy shooting. Simply bracket the Deer and use the aim point that the deer is bracketed between...

...Point and Shoot!

EV Optical system (Extreme View) EV optical systems are newly developed to give an additional 20% field of view, over std riflescopes. This allows for quick and easy target acquisition, and a relaxed viewing experience. EV optics - the future of slug gun scopes! Range your deer - Point and Shoot

The DeerPASS scope is quick and easy to use. Set on 6x magnification to give the most accurate aim points when using the Standard Foster Slug and the Standard Sabot Slug (1500 & 1600 FPS)

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