• +Sidewinder ED

    Always on Target

  • Designed for full-bore target and FT shooting, Sidewinder ED’s are packed with performance enhancing features required for accuracy.

    This high magnification side focus riflescope is designed to meet the very specific requirements and demands of target shooters with precision engineered components, a unique illuminated (red) glass etched reticle and chromatic aberration reducing Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass.

    Patented exposed, locking and interchangeable turrets give the user an option to customise the click value from ¼ MOA to either ⅛ MOA or 110 MRAD.

    The Sidewinder ED features the TMX reticle, developed for long range target shooting and around the common principles of Mil Dot spacing when magni cation is set to 20x.

  • Turrets

    Interchangeable, locking and resettable exposed turrets allow for quick, yet precise adjustments. Hawke’s patented turrets can be removed and exchanged without exposing the internal elements to dirt, water or moisture and will keep the nitrogen purged gas inside to prevent fogging in cold weather conditions.

    Sidewinder ED interchangeable turrets are a patented design: WO 2016/051312 A2, CN 104729360, GB 2524348A, T W201614316A.

  • ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) Glass

    ED lenses are the most effective way to improve image quality and stop colour fringing (chromatic aberration). ED glass allows for better concentration and direction of light wavelengths, which give a signi cantly sharper image and improved contrast of colours and light.

    ED Glass is incorporated into the objective element assembly, produces clear and crisp images with reduced chromatic aberration. Crucial when using high power zoom.

  • Multi-Coatings

    18 layer fully multi-coated optics. Each lens is multi-coated throughout the optical system with microscopic layers of magnesium fluoride - guaranteeing sharpness, clarity, reduced flare and high light transmission.

    Threaded objective designed to accommodate supplied sunshade and flip-up cover.

  • Side Focus Wheel

    Range finding and parallax free shooting is assisted thanks to the oversized 4 inch side focus wheel that attaches directly on to the central spine using Hawke’s patented side wheel system. An optional 6 inch side wheel is available.

    The Sidewinder ED side wheel attachment mechanism is a patented design: CN 104567544A, GB 2522311A, US 2015/0135578.

    Side Focus Wheel
  • High Power Zoom

    10-50x magnification with integrated soft contact rubber zoom with smooth and precise operation. Magnification markings precisely calibrated.

    The Sidewinder ED zoom ring is a registered design: 002343939-0001.

  • Illumination Rheostat

    Precise control of the reticle illumination is helped with the stepless rheostat positioned at 45° on the ocular. Levels have been calibrated from bright to ultra-low.

  • Locking 'Fast Focus' Ocular

    Set it and forget it. Quickly achieve sharp reticle focus and then lock it down to avoid accidentally adjusting dioptre settings.