Airmax EV

Airmax EV AO

Airgun shooters require specialised optical
set-ups to get the most out of their rifles.
The Airmax EV AO range offers the airgunner precision optics with great features
The proven and specifically designed MAP 6 reticle is ideal for the airgun shooter.

The Airmax EV AO offers a specialised optical setup for airgunners.
The newly developed EV Optical System (Extreme View) gives an additional 20% wider Field of View (FOV).

Because airguns are different...
The Airmax range is designed specifically for airgun shooters. Airgun shooters, whether hunting, target shooting or plinking, require specialised optical set-ups to get the most out of their rifles. The Hawke Airmax EV range offers the airgunner precision optics packed with great features.

The proven MAP6 reticle assists accuracy by providing parabolic aiming points that fall at exactly the same rate as your pellet. Hawke have done the physics so you don’t have to! Simply adjust the zero range and zoom to calibrate.

Extreme View - See more!
All Airmax scopes include our EV Extreme View optical system which delivers a field of view 20% wider than traditional rifle scopes. Target acquisition speed is increased and continuous viewing is improved.

Designed for Airgunners
Hawke Airmax rifle scopes sport a large glove-grip elevation turret allowing fast range dialling and the mono-tube body provides the extra strength demanded by airguns. All models have Adjustable Objectives enabling you to focus down to airgun ranges.

Built to last
The optical system is held within a 1” mono-tube with a matt black anodised finish. Turrets are a low profile design with ¼ M.O.A per click. The knurling on the turret caps and the zoom ring is a high grip design - the zoom ring also incorporates a thumb bump, ideal when using gloves.

Choose between either 3-9x and 4-12x magnifications with 40mm or 50mm fixed or adjustable (AO) lenses.  Hawke Airmax scopes are high recoil rated, water and fog-proof.

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